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Scale your business with cash flow.

Investment property loans for owners, investors, and developers.

Okeno Smith

In 2015, Okeno Smith immigrated from Jamaica and joined the U.S. Army Reserve. He "house hacked" his way to a quarter of a million. Then he met his mentor, Nate. He used Nate's BRRRR model to turn that quarter of a million into over a $2M rental portfolio. 
"My mission in life is to break generational curses and give my last name a legacy of financial freedom while giving back to those in need!"

About Okeno

Why are Investors Choosing Investor Cash Flow Loans?

Speed to Close

We can give you a preliminary decision right away and can close loans in as quickly as 15 business days.

Industry Experience

We leverage decades of experience to secure loans for all purposes and loans of all sizes.

Simple Loan App

We have an easy and straightforward loan process so you know where your loan stands at all times.

Competitive Rates

Our unique approach to complex deals and our competitive rates attract borrowers all around the U.S.A.

Discover Our Loan Programs

Fix & Flip

Short-term financing for investors planning to purchase, rehab, and resell

Fix & Hold

Short-term financing for investors planning to purchase, rehab, and hold


Long-term financing at a fixed rate for rental properties and portfolios


Loans for borrowers looking to consolidate debt, leverage home equity for cash, obtain cash for home improvements, etc.

New Construction

Financing for ground-up construction, tear-down, in-fill, specs, and model homes


Long-term financing for the purchase of a multi-family (5+ unit) complex


Long-term financing for income-producing real estate that is used for business purposes; such as offices, retail, etc.

DSCR Loans

Use the income generated from a property instead of your own income to qualify

Hard Money Loans

Hard money financing gives you access to funds based on the value of the property after renovation

Discove Our Loan Program

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Investor Cash Flow Loans is a non-traditional loan service that specializes in investment property loans for owners, investors, and developers in need of funding outside the scope of traditional banks and lenders.

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